Sunday, September 7, 2014


Penny started Kindergarten on Thursday, and she has had a great time so far.  They've eased the kids in with two half days, and she'll start her full day schedule tomorrow (Monday).  So far, according to her, they've had recess (which is a fancy word for playground), and that's about it.  Here she is telling Milo about it (moderated by yours truly):
Penny is a Kindergartner!  That's insane!  I don't understand how time moves so fast - it seems like only yesterday she was starting pre-school, and now here she is in a public school!  She has already had her first homework assignment, which we all worked on together over the weekend, and she handled it like a pro.  She's such a big girl, and I'm so proud of her!
First day!

There's only one baby in this family.

First day of school scavenger hunt

All of Penny's first days of school

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