Monday, September 29, 2014

two months of Milo!

it always strikes me as odd when i post an "eight weeks" and a "two months" photo, but they are, of course, not at all the same.  i can't believe this little man has been in our lives for two months already!  he's totally a charmer, spending more time awake during the day, making adorable cooing noises, and starting to reach out and grasp things.  i'm working on getting him to sleep in his basket rather than in bed snuggled with me, but i am torn (and lazy).  on the one hand, the more he sleeps in there now, the easier the transition will be down the road, but on the other hand, he's a great snuggler, and it's so much easier to feed him when he is RIGHT THERE.  i'm sure it will all work out - for now, i am enjoying him so much.

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