Wednesday, June 24, 2015

such a big day.

today penny had her kindergarten closing ceremony.  it is not the last day of school, but she got a diploma, so she is a kindergarten graduate!  the class had an absolutely adorable performance - they recited 4 poems and sang a song.  penny's teacher is so wonderful - she wrote the parents a letter, and i was holding it all together really well until i started reading it - i turned to alex and said "nope.  nope.  that was a mistake," and quietly sobbed in the corner.  my girl - she did so well.  she is a performer!  she has learned so much this year - reading, math, science, art... i am so ridiculously proud of her.
also, in other big news, milo has started walking.  he can take about 4 steps at a time, and doesn't seem to like it very much right now, but he's doing such an amazing job of it!  he can stand for as long as he wants, and has discovered the joy of banging two objects  together while standing.  he is having the best time, and it's such a delight to see.

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