Friday, June 26, 2015

the big days just keep on coming.

today was penny's last day of school.  it was a half day, and alex and i both stayed home so we could celebrate with penny.  she got a for-real report card (she passed), found out who she's going to be in class with next year, and is now officially a rising first grader.  i cannot believe it.  the teacher sent home a bunch of her work from the beginning of the year, and her improvement in writing and drawing is staggering.  she has grown up so much this year.
First Day/Last Day
Today, Milo's walking markedly improved.  I got two videos yesterday, but as of this afternoon he can make it halfway across the living room with confidence. 
Also, he is getting a tooth on the top!  Alex said he thought he saw one, and then I stuck my thumb in his mouth, immediately felt it, and he bit me.  Hard.  I will, of course, try to get video of the new walking, and I will post the video of Penny's Closing Ceremony (it's 8 minutes long, so there's no obligation there).
Camp starts on Monday!  It all just keeps on coming!

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