Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

it's valentine's day, and penny has a quick video for you:
and a quick photo as well:

have you noticed that's the second time i've used the word "quick" in this post?  that's sort of a theme around here lately.  not only can penny walk, turn and sit, she can do this:

that's right!  all that downward dog she was doing last week?  it turns out that that's how a baby stands up without the support of a wall or anything else.  at least, that's how this baby does it.  she's also understanding a whole lot - we can give her pretty  complex tasks or ask her questions involving locations, and she will go get whatever we ask her for, or go the places we want her to go.  it's incredible.
she's gotten a whole lot more teeth, and this has kept her from being 100% happy all the time.  add to that that the internet is telling us that she now has dreams!  she's waking up once a night needing comfort, but hopefully that won't last too long once she figures out reality from what's going on inside her brain.

we hope you had a valentine's day surrounded by those you love.  we are lucky to be spending every day filled with hugs, kisses, and the occasional chocolate.

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