Saturday, February 5, 2011

walking baby!

sunday morning, our baby could not walk.  sunday afternoon, she could.  it was like a switch was flipped in her head, and she wasn't even impressed with herself.  like standing, i got her to walk by holding something she wanted just out of her reach - in this case, she was having a good time putting the cap on and taking it off of a water bottle, and i moved the water bottle further and further away until she had to take two steps to get to it. and hour later, she was up to six steps, and now she can make it halfway around the apartment.  she's really good about falling, and it doesn't even slow her down - if she falls, she crawls to wherever she wants to be without missing a beat.  if she's not carrying anything, she tends to either flap both hands over her head, or flap one hand, and put the other on her ribcage.  and she walks like a little drunk person - staggering all over the place.
of course, you don't need to read all of this, you could just watch the video:
today, penny learned the super important word "more".  she is using it perfectly, and it makes both of our lives so much easier!  i am trying to teach her "yes" and "no" with less success.
she's been a little nervous around animals lately, but today we went to visit  with our friends biz and katy belle, and their two cats.  penny pointed at them both and even patted bee on the head!  we're getting there.
last night, i made penny one of these.  she discovered it this morning, and figured it out before i could show it to her.  she made a couple of trips to it today, making withdrawals, deposits and exchanges. 
penny has discovered the fun of downward dog - get that baby to a vinyasa class, stat!

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  1. holy crap! that little waddle is just the cutest thing ever.