Monday, February 28, 2011

just when i think...

i should have learned by now that when i am sure penny has settled into a routine, it's going to change all of a sudden just to mess with me.  we have been pretty sure that she's moving to one nap a day, so when she slept for three hours straight on saturday, that seemed reasonable, if extreme.  then, when she fell asleep at 7:15, i assumed it was because we had gone to the playground for the first time in months, so she was exhausted.  imagine my surprise when she woke up at 11:10pm SCREAMING.  i changed into pjs really quick, and brought her into bed with me.  since alex was away, i thought it would be nice to have a cuddle in the big bed.  she tossed and turned until 3am, at which point i put her back in her crib, figuring she couldn't keep me any more awake by crying then by kicking me in the kidneys.  she slept from 3 - 7 and awoke refreshed and rejuvenated.  i was a bushy haired mess.
more playground!  bagels for both of us (penny's second breakfast) and coffee for me!  alex came home!  penny and i each took an hour and a half nap!  was everything back to normal?  no!  penny wouldn't go down for a second nap until five, and she went down HARD.  alex and i were unsure how to proceed - should we wake her for dinner?  assume she would sleep right through?  i wouldn't be able to handle another four hour waking period in the middle of the night.
we left her alone, had dinner and watched the oscars.  just as i was about to throw a shoe through the tv because the show was so poorly written and overall awkward that it angered me, penny woke up and was confused and hungry.  she slurped down a bottle after i changed her into pjs, and she slept through until 7.
hopefully tonight she'll be back on track.  she only took one nap this morning, ate a big dinner and had a good bath, but she was having her night bottle, ate five out of seven ounces and spit them all up all over both of us.  and the chair.  and my really nice anthropologie sweater (it needed cleaning anyway).
if she wakes up hungry at 11, i can hardly blame her.

but!  when she is awake, she is a dreamboat.  she has an amazing smile, loves to dance and loves dogs.  she is fairly certain that every animal says "woof", and wants to go out into our stairwell every morning so she can see our upstairs neighbor dog come in from his walk.  as i was pouring her bath tonight, she figured out how to take off her diaper, and gave me the most amazing "am i in trouble, or do you find this funny?" look (it's funny, of course!).

you don't come here to read, do you?  you come for the eye candy.  i shall oblige:


  1. OH MY! Look at her go at the playground! awesome! Also adorable bear butt pants! And I was just thinking similarly about Gibson's 'routine'. I don't think my mom would have stood for it. She put me on a schedule and stuck to it by god!

  2. i'm not sure if our parents have romanticized our babyhoods or what - my parents insist they kept us on a schedule, too.
    last night she woke up at 1:30, clearly starving, i gave her 4 oz, stayed up with her for an hour, passed her off to alex who stayed up with her for at least another hour (i'm not sure exactly how long because i couldn't stay awake), and then she woke up bright eyed and super happy at 7, and ate 7 oz. i was nervous the entire time, but she kept it all down.

    also, she insists on wearing a hoodie all the time.

  3. That's it. Where do I get bear butt pants? For Blobby Layne, but if they happen to come in lady sizes....

  4. Also, I find it funny that the two of you live around the corner from each other and leave messages here.

  5. baby gap! they're actually boy pants, ssshhhh don't tell. should they come in maternity styles, i'll let you know!