Thursday, October 6, 2011

boo at the zoo!

this weekend, penny, my parents and i all went to the bronx zoo!  every weekend in october, the zoo is filled with jack o'lanterns, trick or treating, s'mores & costumes.  we had a great time, even though we managed to take a route that didn't take us past nearly as many animals as one might expect.
penny's newest thing is pointing and asking "what's that!?" whenever she sees something she doesn't recognize. she got lots of chances to ask that at the zoo - it was great.  when i asked her at the beginning of the trip which animal she was excited about, she said "owls", which, incidentally, is what she was most excited about at the prospect park zoo, and we found one in a dark room.  she loved seeing the snakes, frogs & turtles (especially because some of the exhibits had jack o'lanterns in them), and now when she takes a bath she'll swim around for a while and pretend to be a turtle she saw at the zoo ("giant!  huge!").
unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, i was having such a good time, i didn't get to take very many photos - but the ones that i did take are pretty cute, no?

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