Sunday, October 30, 2011


for alex's birthday, we had planned on going apple picking - we did lots of research figuring out which would be the best pick-your-own orchard, and even found a couple with dwarf apple trees so that penny could pick apples herself.  then, all the weather reports started getting pretty grim.  we started thinking that maybe we should make some alternate plans.  when we woke up in the morning, there was a pretty steady cold drizzle.  i got penny and myself bundled up while alex went to pick up our car.  while we were waiting for him, we watched the rain turn into snow - it was actually kind of incredible, but made us very glad we had decided to do something indoors.
we spent the day at the hall of science!  as it turns out, penny is still too young for most of the museum, but she had a great time in the preschool fun area, and spent the whole time she was playing with fake produce, trains and in the play kitchen wearing a turtle costume.  it turns out to have been a pretty great miserable day.

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