Monday, October 31, 2011


so i left work early today, armed with t-shirts i drew ghosts on.   we've been preparing her for the past week or so - teaching her how to say "happy halloween: and "trick or treat".  when alex asked penny what she wanted to dress up as a few weeks ago, she said "pumpkin", and hasn't given another answer since.  she decided we should be ghosts (once gourds, but quickly back to ghosts), hence the t-shirts.  penny's tried on her pumpkin a couple of times, but she was super psyched to get out into the neighborhood and mingle with the other costumed kids!
we've been watching decorations go up slowly since the beginning of october, including a giant pumpkin down the block from us, which was our first stop.  immediately following that was penny's first trick or treat experience - she did great!  she had a great time looking at all of the other kids' costumes, trick or treating, and walking through the neighborhood.  we took a break, sat on the stoop for a little while, and then watched the parade - it comes right down our block.

as far as penny is concerned, halloween was about collecting as many candies as possible - when we got home, she dumped them all on the floor, and we had a fun time finding matching candies and sorting them by color.  the chinese restaurant gave penny a fortune cookie, so we let her eat that, and then put her in her pirate pajamas for bed!  all in all, a very successful first halloween!


  1. That is awesome. Gibson and I didn't do anything (though we do have a nice monkey costume for him) and I feel a little bad for that. I have to say that Halloween has made me miss Park Slope. There was nothing of the sort going on here in Bay Ridge. Which is strange, since it's kinda much more suburban-y here.

  2. please come and halloween with us next year! we'd love to have trick or treat buddies!

  3. I think I need to plan to come up for this next year.