Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Back to school means it's time for some grooming.  Milo's hair was down to his chin, got so sweaty every time he fell asleep that it was alarming.  We went to LuLus, our favorite toystore/hair cuttery, and even though Penny went first and Milo watched the whole time, there was Harry Potter on one TV and Mickey Mouse on another, he had the option to sit in a fire engine seat, through all of this - I had to hold him down while the lady sheared him like a sheep, the whole time yelling "Mama, don't like it!  No haircut!  All done!"  It took him about 15 seconds to recover once it was all over, and I required a good sit down.  The results, however, are two completely different children now living in my house:

On Sunday, we took a ball and a kite to the park.  The kite was a bust - we need to get a real kite to fly - but the ball was a hit!  

It was a great last summer weekend!

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