Monday, September 26, 2016

Two weekends

We've had two busy weekends in a row!  Last weekend, South Street Seaport had a Farm Fresh Festival for Kids, which was basically a giant street fair full of booths & events and fun stuff.  Penny made a flower crown:
and everyone got to pet a pig:

The highlight of the day for Milo was getting to sit in a fire truck
and then sit in the driver's seat!
After our fun time in the city, we took the Water Taxi to Red Hook, where there was another fair, then we went to IKEA.  It was a very packed day, and if you ask Milo what he did he'll tell you that he "Pet a pig!"

This past weekend, we went to a very cool playground in Central Park that has an awesome slide,

Then to the Central Park Zoo, then to the Family Fun Day part of the horse show at Wollman Rink.  Penny was not at all interested in the horses (not even the Pony Kissing Booth!), but was super excited to do this:

She's already a better driver than I am.
Then we headed back to Brooklyn for Chai Tots Get to Know You afternoon in the park.  Milo had a great time hanging out with his school friends, and Penny got the chance to visit with her old preschool friend who also has a little brother at Chai Tots.

As the weather gets cooler, we look forward to being able to spend more time outdoors.  We are not really a Summer family.

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