Monday, September 12, 2016

Orientation for Milo

Today was Chai Tots orientation day, and Penny has the day off from school, so she got to come along and show Milo the ropes.  I was so excited about taking pictures that I completely forgot to bring his bag of supplies.  Oops.
Penny takes big sister duties very seriously.


The line to take this photo was insane.  You can't tell, but everyone was wrangling their kids into this position, then hustling them out for the next parents.

Milo walked in the door, said "Dress Up!" and ran for this corner.

Penny is beginning to understand why I always tell her how big she is.  She noticed how much smaller everything seems already,
Milo jumped right into the classroom.  He didn't want to decorate a placemat, but that's because he was busy building with trains, playing in the play kitchen, and identifying all of the animals.  After about a half hour, the teacher gave them a five minute warning, then asked everyone to clean up for circle time.  As everyone was getting seated, Milo said "Bye bye", and was ready for me to leave.  I think this is a Good Sign.

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